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    If you’d like to read the complaint I drafted for Hermosa Beach Taxpayer Group alleging that the Hermosa Beach City School District is illegally using school bond money towards the demolition of North School, it’s available here: 2017.09.27 FAC Conformed I filed it along with four volumes of exhibits, also available here: EXHIBITS VOLUME 1 […]Continue reading

    There are a number of ways you can help Corriente California defend this lawsuit, get its license, and continue its lifesaving work. Pressure Jennifer Kent and the Department of Health Care Services to mediate with Corriente California, and to make a good faith effort to find a solution. We want to sit down with her […]Continue reading

    The State of California, through its Department of Health Care Services, has filed a complaint against my client, Corriente California. Most of the accusations are so wrong that they would be funny, if this case weren’t so important. The claim is that Corriente California was operating rehab facilities without a license; if true, this would […]Continue reading

    What Is A Restraining Order? A restraining order is a court order directing someone to stay away from a person or place.  There are different types of restraining orders, but most are domestic violence restraining orders.  You can only obtain one under specific circumstances; namely, you need to be or have been in a certain […]Continue reading