How to Help Corriente California

There are a number of ways you can help Corriente California defend this lawsuit, get its license, and continue its lifesaving work.

  • Pressure Jennifer Kent and the Department of Health Care Services to mediate with Corriente California, and to make a good faith effort to find a solution.
    Portrait of Jennifer Kent, Director of the California Department of Health Care Services
    Tell Jennifer Kent – the woman who decides Corriente’s fate – why she should #SaveCorriente.

    We want to sit down with her and find a way to license Corriente, but we need their cooperation.  The Department tells me the best way to let them hear from you is in writing.  Tweet at @DHCSDirector with #SaveCorriente, or email her at, or write to her at

    Department of Health Care Services
    MS 0000
    P.O. Box 997413
    Sacramento, CA 95899-7413

    Tell her why you think she should help Corriente California continue serving those in need.

  • Tell news outlets and journalists about Corriente’s story and ask them to cover it.  They can contact me at if they have questions or want documents.
  • Email the mayor at and tell him why Corriente can help homeless addicts, or call Eric Garcetti at (213) 978-0600 to ask him to meet with us so we can show him what Corriente has done for so many Angelenos.
  • Call the California senators and assemblymembers that serve the areas where Corriente is located to tell them that Corriente needs their help.
  • Email Juan, a Member of Corriente California, at to find out how you can donate to support Corriente’s cause.
    • The Department is demanding payment to end the lawsuit, but hasn’t told us how much yet.
    • Corriente needs $3,050 per facility just for the license application fee.  They have 9 facilities (down from 17 before the lawsuit).
    • The Department charges $324 annually per “bed”.  Corriente has 180 beds right now.  That will cost them $58,320 for the year.
    • Corriente needs to remodel their facilities to comply with regulations, at an estimated cost of $20,000.
    • On January 10, Corriente will have to pay nearly $4,000 in court filing fees to answer the Department’s complaint.
  • Read more about Corriente’s case and watch our series of Stories of Hope, updated often with more extensive interviews with successful Corriente graduates.
  • Like and share our videos about Corriente’s story.  Tell your friends about this.  Make sure to share with #SaveCorriente to get the conversation started and let the Department know that people care about this issue.

We so appreciate any and all effort you can put in to help Corriente California keep working.  Every tweet, every call, and every voice helps.

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