Stories of Hope – Gabriela

Check out our new video in the series Stories of Hope – Gabriela’s interview.  Don’t forget to watch our full #SaveCorriente video and our other Stories of Hope – Jasmine.  More to come soon!

How to Help Corriente California

There are a number of ways you can help Corriente California defend this lawsuit, get its license, and continue its lifesaving work. Pressure Jennifer Kent and the Department of Health Care Services to mediate with Corriente California, and to make a good faith effort to find a solution. We want to sit down with her […]Continue reading

How Does A Restraining Order Work?

What Is A Restraining Order? A restraining order is a court order directing someone to stay away from a person or place.  There are different types of restraining orders, but most are domestic violence restraining orders.  You can only obtain one under specific circumstances; namely, you need to be or have been in a certain […]Continue reading

What is a Deposition?

Introduction to Your Deposition  What happens at a Deposition? A lot!  Your deposition is probably the most important event that happens in your entire case. Believe it or not, it may be even more important than your testimony at trial. As scary as that may sound, it is actually a very simple event. A deposition […]Continue reading

Injunction: Stopping The Other Guy

This morning, Ricketts & Yang will go into court on behalf of dozens of concerned residents of Hermosa Beach to seek a temporary restraining order, and eventually, a preliminary injunction, preventing the Hermosa Beach City School District from tearing down a historic Hermosa school. The District wants to tear down North School, and rebuild it […]Continue reading

Can I Trust My Attorney To Be On My Side?

  Can you trust your attorney?  Most people think attorneys are the least trustworthy group around.  But despite the jokes, an attorney is not like a used car salesman.  As a group, we take our obligations pretty seriously, because if we violate them we can lose our licenses.  One big category of our ethical obligations […]Continue reading

What Is A Motion, and How Many Different Kinds of Motions Are There?

A motion requests that the court do something with respect to the case. Outside of discovery, filing and opposing motions probably uses the most amount of time in litigation. In theory, you could file a motion asking the court to do anything, but California statutes authorize certain specific motions. Below I list some of the most […]Continue reading

What if My Attorney Wants To Withdraw?

What If My Attorney Wants To Withdraw From My Case? There are three ways that an attorney can stop representing you in civil or criminal litigation: 1. Resolution. Your case can end one way or another, in which case most attorneys will send you a termination letter, noting that he will do nothing further for […]Continue reading

DUI: Driving Under the Influence

The legal limit of blood alcohol levels in California to drive is .08%, or .04% for commercial drivers.  For those under 21, it is .01% – in other words, any detectable alcohol at all is a violation.  The punishments can be severe, and even for a first time DUI usually include the following: A fine […]Continue reading