Ricketts Law can help individuals and businesses who have been victims of a material breach of contract resulting in damages of $35,000 or more.  Often, breach of contract claims go hand in hand with claims for fraud and breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.
Ricketts Law has helped force the close of multiple contested real estate transactions, and also has substantial experience suing real estate brokers on behalf of both buyers and sellers for breaching fiduciary duties to the detriment of their client.
Ricketts Law has successfully brought and defended numerous defamation cases in sensitive circumstances including cases for employers, dating partners, and family members.
Ricketts Law accepts cases against all police departments in the Los Angeles metropolitan area for excessive force including unjustified beatings, taser use, and shootings.
Ricketts Law has experience bringing lawsuits over unreasonable traffic stops and detentions, including for mistreatment of detainees, unreasonably lengthy detentions, and arrests and property confiscations without probable cause.
Ricketts Law specializes in First Amendment issues, as police often retaliate against individuals who protest or express views unpopular with the police, resulting in unlawful stops, searches, arrests, prosecutions, and general mistreatment.